Black Raven Pipe Band at St MacCullins Church,Lusk, County Dublin. The Band is new,
young and vibrant, bringing all its values to the local community.
Full video can be seen on youtube here

Fingal Pipe Band Championships 2015

The Fingal Pipe Band Championships will be held in Lusk Co. Dublin on the 2nd May 2015. Click here for the entry form and more information.

Black Raven building for the future

Last practise before Worlds 2014.
The Black Raven School of Piping and Drumming has just completed the first year and with great success. Five of our first year beginners played at their first World Pipe Band Championships which was held in Glasgow in Mid–August. They did themselves and the band proud. The school now enters their second year and will undertake a new influx of beginners.
On 17th September enrolment will take place in the comfort of the Lusk Parish Centre (Old School) for new beginners for pipers and drummers. Last years class will continue their progress with the band into their second year. The policy in starting the school is now beginning to pay dividends and the Black Raven Pipe Band can look forward to a bright future.

A Whist Drive takes place in the Parish Centre every Wednesday evening at 8.00pm. This is an important fund raising event to assist with on–going tuition. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


Black Raven’s "Gathering"

Black Raven Pipe Band marching.
We are a group with an idea and a dream, one which we know we can achieve again.Proud of our accomplishments, The Black Raven Pipe band are known throughout the country and have had the good fortune previously to compete and win in the World Championships! Work and life schedules being what they are we have experienced a number of changes over the past number of years.
However, we feel we can carry on the tradition while more accurately reflecting the current composition of the band. A history to be proud of through hard work and perseverance the nucleus of the band was formed. With our strong history in mind we are also excited and looking forward to embracing our futures... embark with us on the next exciting chapter of the bands history! The 2013/2014 season promises to be an exciting one for the band as we look to go back to basics and build on our record wins to date. Optimistic about the number of new members and inviting all our existing and past players, who we were fortunate to progress and compete with, to attend a social night on Monday 8th July commencing from 8.15pm. A night to reminisce, share experiences, and maybe exchanges ideas for the future. There will be refreshments and opportunities for everyone to get involved, bring ideas and catch up about our band and our future. We invite you to be there when Black Ravens take flight again...


Black Raven Pipe Band practice and teaching facility
at the recently renovated Lusk Parish Centre, Lusk Co Dublin

Black Raven Pipe Band practice and teaching facility.
The Band moved back into the newly renovated Old School in Lusk just before Christmas. The Old National School was the home of the Ravens for almost 30 years. The premises are the property of the Dioceses of Dublin and was built in 1879. Over the last number of years the property had fallen into disrepair despite many corrective repairs. A major overhaul was needed.
The band vacated the premises for over a year. We had the use of a room in Lusk National School while re building took place. It was difficult to operate as normal but we looked forward to moving back in. On Monday evening 8th October 2012 the Band returned to the new state of the art premises, warm and comfortable which is ideal for practice and teaching sessions. A "Back Home" reception was hosted by the band and was attended by members, past members and potential members. All enjoyed a great night and the band is looking forward to a great future.

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Camp STAR to provide evidence-based therapy for kids with ADHD Camp Celebrity.

Related StoriesBrain health: how can you decrease cognitive decline? An interview with Heather Snyder, Ph.D.Diabetic retinopathy therapy innovations: an interview with Richard Kirk, CEO of PolyphotonixUnderstanding the causes of unexpected death in epilepsy: an interview with Professor Sanjay SisodiyaCamp STAR combines standard camp activities with behavioral treatments to boost social skills and anger management, reduce oppositional behaviors, and enhance self-esteem. Continue reading

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