Hair strands falling off between the numbers of 50 to 100 per day is regular for a human being.

Hair styling: Grounds quite popular these days due to over styling of hair like bleach or coloring of locks, tight ponytails, usage of iron rods for straightening as well as other electronic gadgets for hair styling. Available medical remedies for those conditions Minoxidil: An FDA authorized drug found in Rogaine for hair thinning treatments may promise just a little growth of hair, but there are some side effects for it as well. It could cause itchiness or inflammation on the scalp, frizzy feeling and similar conditions to it. Finasteride: Propecia is also an approved medication but only available through prescription for males.Visitors calming schemes appear to be a promising way of reducing traffic injuries and deaths, although further rigorous evaluation is required to prove this beyond doubt, says lead researcher, Frances Bunn. Analysis is particularly lacking in low – and middle-income countries, where the situation can just be expected to worsen. Taking into consideration the expected rise in traffic deaths over the next couple of years, the epidemic of road traffic deaths and accidents is really just beginning and it is imperative for global health that we find effective strategies for coping with it.