Relating to Tom Dresslar.

California in conflict with FDA over warnings on canned tuna The state of California has already established it’s knuckles rapped by the Food and Drug Administration over warnings on canned tuna original-vs-generico.htm . The FDA says the state’s attempt to require mercury warnings on tuna conflicts with federal government law. But California’s attorney general offers disputed this and says the FDA move is an attempt to stop a lawsuit the condition offers filed against tuna businesses over the warnings. Relating to Tom Dresslar, a spokesman for California Attorney General Expenses Lockyer, the federal government provides no authority to avoid California, or any additional state, from requiring warnings offering truthful, important info to consumers.

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California State Assembly eases doctor shortages by supporting SB 726 The following is being issued by Doctors for All: Citing a federal government estimate that more than 3 million Californians cannot find doctors who’ll provide them essential medical care, healthcare and social justice advocates challenge the Senate to show the same level of compassion and leadership demonstrated by yesterday’s passage of SB 726 on the Assembly Floor. Speaker John Perez and associates of the Condition Assembly paid attention to the desperate concerns of Californians who absence basic access to healthcare. By voting to get SB 726, which will allow services in rural and federally designated doctor shortage areas to employ a limited amount of doctors, the Assembly provides acted to ease the escalating doctor shortages that are plaguing low income and rural communities, said Tom Petersen, director of authorities relations for the Association of California Health care Districts.