Can Too Much Juice Discolor Teeth?

It’s best to limit juice and other sugary drinks — and prevent putting your son or daughter to bed with a bottle. It is also a good idea for all children to start seeing a dental professional after their initial birthday.. Can Too Much Juice Discolor Teeth? My son isn’t a big candy eater, but he does drink lots of juice during the day. His front teeth are needs to become discolored. Could the juice end up being to blame? – Claire Yes, the juice could be causing the problem together with your son’s tooth. Studies have discovered that the sugar in fruit juice can eat away at tooth enamel, if kids are permitted to beverage juice from bottles specifically, cups, or boxes throughout the day or at bedtime continuously.That idea is usually stressed in Gov. Terry Branstad's Healthy Iowa Strategy, which is an option to expanding the condition's Medicaid system . Billings Gazette: Montana Senate Dems, Handful Of Republicans Roll New Medicaid System Into 'Compromise' Bill In dramatic fashion, Senate Democrats and a small number of Republicans Tuesday defied the body's GOP leadership to cram a Medicaid proposal into a bill that could use federal dollars to get private medical health insurance for thousands of uninsured, low-income Montanans. The same coalition then endorsed the measure on a 27-23 vote, setting up a final vote Thursday and a possible showdown in the condition House over if the contentious Medicaid proposal may mind right to Democratic Gov.