According to a report published in the August problem of Annals of COSMETIC SURGERY.

At an average follow-up of nearly 19 years, the suicide price was 3 x higher for women with breast implants, compared to the general population . Suicide risk did not increase for the initial a decade after implant medical procedures significantly.5 times higher from 10 to 19 years’ follow-up and six times higher after twenty years. Women with breasts implants had higher prices of death from mental disorders also, including a threefold increase in deaths from drug and alcohol dependence. Several additional deaths, classified as injuries or mishaps, might have been suicides or included psychiatric disorders or drug and alcohol misuse as a contributing cause. ‘Thus, at least 38 deaths in this implant cohort were associated with suicide, emotional disorders and/or alcohol and drug abuse/dependence,’ according to the researchers.This shows that the ability to defy death could possibly be general for all or at least many types of cells in your body, she says. Gene expression data showed that many molecular indicators that researchers had considered indications of imminent death, such as the appearance of the activated form of an enzyme referred to as caspase-3, reversed when cellular material sprang back to life also. However, Montell notes, she and her team discovered that sometimes cells made mistakes, missing bits of DNA or stitching the wrong pieces back collectively.