Cardiologists detect atherosclerosis in old Egyptian mummies KANSAS CITY.

The mummies dated from 1981 B.C. To 364 A.D. All had been of high social status, including priests and associates of the pharaoh’s household. Related StoriesUT Southwestern INFIRMARY geneticist called 2015 recipient of Pearl Meister Greengard PrizeResearchers discover molecular mechanism which may be responsible for development of amyloidosesNew tool may help identify risky atherosclerotic plaquesAtherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, may be the disease that causes heart attacks and strokes, and is associated with modern risk elements like obesity commonly, sedentary lifestyles, smoking, stress and high-fat diets.Likewise, identification of perpetrators of dating violence leads to suitable treatment and support for basic safety. The authors also discovered that screening for dating violence is definitely associated with constant screening for other dangers. So screening is something that can be taught and motivated, and as a total result, can address the growing issue of teen dating violence additional, says Brown.

Clues to autism’s neural basis In a scholarly study that broadens our understanding of the neural basis of social interactions, researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of Montreal have shown that folks with autism display abnormal patterns of activity in brain circuits that underlie the knowledge of other people’s behavior.