Are you feeding on pesticides?

Are you feeding on pesticides? Canola essential oil, soybean oil utilized as key elements in pesticide products In a shocking fresh video, Mike Adams reveals that common cooking oils such as for example canola oil and soybean oil are utilized as key substances in pesticide products because they work so effectively to kill bugs. The video displays how one pesticide product that kills bugs is made with 96 percent canola essential oil and is so dangerous that the label says, ‘Hazards to humans and domestic animals.’ The label of the product, made almost completely with canola oil, goes on to describe ‘CAUTION: Avoid contact with skin or clothes.’ If you obtain it on yourself, you are directed to remove all your contaminated clothing, have a 15-20 minute shower to wash the canola oil off your skin, and ‘Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.’ Watch the short video at NaturalNews.Television: Again, this is a for an insecticide that’s made of 96 percent canola essential oil – – an oil that’s found throughout the food supply and specifically in products such as salad dressings and snack chips.‘The advent of mixture antiretroviral therapies to treat AIDS has considerably changed the course of the disease,’ stated James T. Becker, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, neurology and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. ‘Not only are people living much longer with AIDS, but we have found that a amount of the various other co-existing conditions that people with AIDS often knowledge are becoming less severe. Such is the case with cognitive impairment – we have found less people have severe cases while more possess milder forms.’ Cognitive impairment in people who have AIDS is triggered when the HIV virus episodes the brain and can be a complicated syndrome leading to deficits in feeling, behavior, motor coordination and thought procedures.