Vomeronasal sensory neurons.

Chloride acts as a major amplifier for signal transduction in mouse sensory neurons The vomeronasal organ is an odor detection system that mediates many pheromone-sensitive behaviors. Vomeronasal sensory neurons , located in the VNO, will be the initial site of conversation with odors and pheromones sensual feelings . How a person VSN transduces chemical signals into electrical signals, however, is a mystery. In the January 2010 problem of the Journal of General Physiology ( researchers from the University of Vermont present that a Ca 2+ -activated chloride current contributes approximately 80 percent of the response to urine in mouse VSNs. Using patch clamp recordings and entire cell recordings, the team found that that urine-induced inward current was decreased in the presence of chloride channel blockers.

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