The award was approved by Dr.

This versatile technology facilitates quicker, cleaner, more reliable reactions, leading to improved productivity and lower developing costs.. Cambrex wins the CPhI Technology Award for its Continuous-Flow Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis technology Cambrex Corporation announced today that it won the Silver Advancement Award at this year’s 2009 CPhI Event for its Continuous-Circulation Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis technology. The award was approved by Dr. Jayne E. Muir , who shown the technology to a panel of judges as of this important pharmaceutical substances exhibition in Madrid, On October 13 Spain, 2009. The CPhI Invention Awards give companies the opportunity to showcase the best of their R&D initiatives and are widely recognized as premier awards in neuro-scientific worldwide pharmaceutical manufacturing.Researchers investigated why some patients appeared to be at higher risk of forming these blood clots. They found that in high-risk patients, bloodstream platelets, which initiate clotting, were highly sensitive to a chemical called adenosine diphosphate . The researchers discovered that aspirin was blocking one clot-activating path in the platelet, however, not influencing the ADP pathway. The experts believed that the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel, an ADP-inhibitor, might decrease the true amount of emboli likely to the brain. One 75-milligram tablet of clopidogrel reduced the entire platelet response to ADP by 8.8 %, which led to a 10-fold decrease in the number of patients having more than 20 microemboli within three hours of surgery. Just as important, the one dosage of clopidogrel – while plenty of to stop or slow clotting – did not cause excessive bleeding, which can be dangerous in these patients also.