America is Experiencing an Obesity Epidemic 66 million Americans are clinically obese.

That means they have more than 30 percent excess fat by body weight, whenever a ‘normal’ body should have less than 25 percent. Weight problems has already reached epidemic proportions in the last twenty years. Obesity used to be thought of as a nagging issue of a few states in Appalachia and the Southeast. It is now prevalent across the United States. In 1990, no state had an obesity prevalence rate higher than 20 percent, and just 4 says had an rate of obesity between 15 and 19 percent. By 2000, 46 states had obesity rates of greater than 20 percent, and 17 says had obesity prevalence of over 25 percent.Additionally, Caliper researchers will become presenting posters and presentations describing Caliper’s suite of workflow solutions.. An Ideal Example of a Meal Plan for Building Muscle Those people who are aspiring to build their muscle tissues know that protein is the number one nutrient essential for the growth of their muscle tissues. This is true in case you are weight lifting especially, because your body needs more protein to assist the recovery and the building of your muscle mass. So to assist you with achieving your goal of upping your muscle mass, here’s an example of a perfect meal plan for building muscle. Meal 1 – Eat oatmeal or any shredded wheat and pour some milk combined with two to six pieces of eggs. To prepare for the eggs, simply use half of the egg yolks you need to include some few slices of wholegrain toast as well.